Portrait by Patrick Cline


After 15 years by Eileen's side, Beth has honed a colorfully bold footprint of her own, gaining a true understanding of Eileen's visual language and operating on the same design frequency. At EKBI, they work in tandem to interpret their ideas into each project. 

Kindred spirits, Eileen and Beth seemed destined to collaborate. Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island, Beth's family loved and lived every summer on the beach, and she found the colors of the sea both soothing and restorative, from the aqua blues and greens to the sandy neutrals. She has always been amazed by how a well-designed space could make you feel—everything from serene to energized—and she was simply attracted to the notion of eliciting these moods. To this day she thinks creating a space you love is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. What's better than starting and ending each day in a home that makes you feel good?