{D E S I G N} Glass Architecture by Eileen Boyd

I stumbled upon the unbelievable work of Milano-based design firm Santambrogio | Milano when researching glass formations for a project. To say I was awe-struck by these incredible structures is an understatement to say the least—I was mesmerized and perplexed all in the same breath.

With glass as their muse, Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio create these stunning homes that are highly cognizant of their environments and leave little to the imagination. From kitchen appliances, stairwells, and interior walls, every element is composed almost entirely from varying grades of glass. There's a tremendous amount of science and consideration that goes into each element of construction.  

So throw on Billy Joel's Glass Houses album and journey through these transparent homes...

{H O R I Z O N} I Have This Thing For Side Tables by Eileen Boyd

Fendi's collaboration with Italian designer Cristina Celestino for THE HAPPY ROOM, which debuted at this past Design Miami/ still has me smiling. It also has me saying... "Wow! Those tables!" I honestly can't wait to spec these babies for one of my clients. (Notice how they are shaped to mimic a stud earring...brilliant!) I've always felt that accent tables were a great opportunity to be playful and witty in a space—adding that perfect touch of whimsy. Here's a peek at a few other side tables I'm crushing on these days, including the tops of these stunners...