{I N S P I R E D} Gorgeous Finds at NYCxDESIGN by Eileen Boyd

Talk about being inspired. The makers who exhibited this year during NYCxDESIGN Week—at ICFF, WantedDesign and Sight Unseen's Offsite—were innovative, fresh and a welcome dose of creative energy. While there were so many spectacular finds, I wanted to share a few that especially stood out and planted seeds for my next interior design projects. Get ready for some design magic!

1/ Pulpites, Dear Human. 2/ Erich Ginder. Photo by Amanda Ringstad. 3/ Fauna Fantasía wallpaper in Habana, Grow House Grow. 4/ Aura Mirror in Fluorite, Another Human via Offsite. 5/ Anna Karlin. 6/ Fold Collection, Uhuru. 7/ Coexist Askew Marble and Brass Side Table, Slash Objects. 8/ Luvere Studio via WantedDesign. 9/ Sass Side Table by MPGMB for Souda Brooklyn. 10/ Black Marble Hex Mason Watch, Analog Watch Co.

{A R T} Organized Chaos by Eileen Boyd

A few months ago, Beth and I popped into MoMA and of course had to stop into the museum gift store. I was so enamored by the Jackson Pollock Table Textiles—a collection of placemats and runners that feature the master painter's signature splattered look. I just knew that one day I'd have to post a blog about all the things that inspire me to take calculated risks, have fun and let loose.

Below, I've shared a video—"The Anthropologist," directed by Alistair Banks Griffin—that rethinks freestyle painting entirely. It's the work of Etsuko Ichikawa, an artist based in Seattle who uses molten glass to create freeform pyrography. Watching her work is completely entrancing. Take a look and enjoy! 

Slideshow image credits: 1/Drip Wallpaper, Jonathan Adler. 2/Yellow Brushstroke Lamp, Jana Bek. 3/The Medium Transport Tote: Splatter Paint Edition, Madewell. 4/Hinson Wallpaper, Photo by Maura McEvoy, House Beautiful. 5/Nesting Bowls, Chris Earl. 6/Hinson Wallpaper, Photo by Maura McEvoy, House Beautiful. 7/Suite One Studio. 8/Drip Wallpaper, Jonathan Adler. 9/Oyster Colored Velvet. 10/Jackson Pollock Table Textiles, Runner, MoMA. 11/Wing Chair painted by Kerry Irvine Fine Art for EKB Interiors.

{R O A M} More Chic Eats by Eileen Boyd

Dining out is really a sensory experience. Of course, the emphasis is on the food, but the lighting and furnishings, color palettes and music also play a hand in how our taste buds register that meal. It's all about the V I B E S! I love discovering new eateries that not only satiate my appetite but also appeal to my design ethos. Restaurant interiors tend to be more avant-garde and playful in their designs. I love when I leave feeling inspired and sometimes I even walk away with a clever idea for a client's home.  

Check out these chic restaurants and give them a go the next the time you find yourself in their city...

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/

{I N S P I R E D} Studio State of Mind by Eileen Boyd

                                                        Martyn Thompson Studio via  1stdibs

                                                        Martyn Thompson Studio via 1stdibs

Currently in the midst of a big studio revamp, I find myself reflecting on how much time I spend in my atelier. The truth is that studios are truly an extension of our homes—sometimes we even call them home like the lovely and talented NES Creative team or the insanely artistic textile artist Martyn Thompson. I'm happy to report that more and more industries are seeing the value in creating well-designed, positive workspace interiors. I know that I am so much more productive when my own space is happy and bursting with artistic energy.

Here are a few creatively inclined studios that I love and hopefully they will inspire your workflow...   

1/ NES Creative. Alec Kugler via Coveteur. 2/ Lim + Lu. Benjabanpot via Dezeen. 3/ Susan Hable. Rich Gilligan via T Magazine. 4/ Brand Assembly. Jenny J. Norris via Lonny. 5/ Negative. Daniel Wang via Lonny. 6/ Via Best Friends for Frosting. 7/ Carolyn Quartermaine. Martin Morrell via Vogue Living.

{D E S I G N} Architect Spotlight: Bjarke Ingles by Eileen Boyd

                                                                    All images via  BIG

                                                                    All images via BIG

I call architecture frozen music.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I find the above sentiment to ring so true about architecture, but also design in general—I always say there's a certain harmony that comes together when an interior hits all the right notes. There is something especially mellifluous about the work of architect Bjarke Ingles. I've been in awe of his work for quite some time and was delighted to see him featured on the Netflix series, Abstract. So often words like 'visionary' and 'rule-breaker' are thrown around, but Bjarke is rewriting the whole script with each creatively executed and environmentally-minded structure he dreams to life. Here are a few of my favorites. 

{H O R I Z O N} Best in Show: Salone del Mobile 2017 by Eileen Boyd

                                                                  Image via  CC-Tapis

                                                                  Image via CC-Tapis

Every April a plethora of talent descends on Milan for one of the design industries biggest trade shows, Salone del Mobile. This fashion-minded city pulls out all the stops and the creative energy can be felt far and wide. From the gallery exhibitions in the Brera District all the way out to the main event at the Fiera Milano, the best in design is front and center everywhere you turn. Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year, but I've been glued to my Instagram loving all the new products and inspired installations from some of my favorite design houses.

I had to get in on the action, so here are some unforgettable moments.

Grazie Milano!  

1/ Matter Made 2/ Germans Ermics 3/ de Gournay + Aquazurra 4/ Apparatus 5/ Marni Playground 6/ Dimore Studios 7/ Calico 8/ Sabine Marcelis 9/ Lee Broom 10/ Brühl 

{A R T} The Writing's on the Wall by Eileen Boyd

Gallery walls are like a visual puzzle that is so much fun to create. What makes them interesting is the scope of the images that you want to showcase. One recipe that I often use is a mix of different mediums, like we did in our Nantucket beach house (above): Line drawings, photography, oil paintings, sculpture, pastels, posters and collages. When I buy art, I buy it because I like it and then somehow make it fit into the tapestry of a collective. 

If you’re looking to make your own gallery wall, one common thread could be a similar color or a similar frame. Using various sizes of images make it feel more like that visual puzzle that gets worked and reworked until it fits just right. The advantage of a gallery wall is that you don’t have to commit to one arrangement; you can change your mind and shuffle the art around as you go, and that way there is no stress when putting holes in the walls. Think seasonal or have your own art show in your house! Make the artwork the pattern and color, and keep all the furniture monochromatic.

A well curated collection of an art or gallery wall can consist of art bought at a thrift shop, your child’s first painting and your great uncle’s watercolor masterpiece. The trick is having the confidence to put it all together. Here are a few of my favorite examples, starting with my very own home.

1/Patrick Cline. 2/Stephen Kent Johnson, Elle Decor. 3/Jonny Valiant, House Beautiful. 4/Jessica Klewicki Glynn. 5/Roland Bello, House Beautiful. 6/Victoria Pearson, House Beautiful. 7/Jessica Klewicki Glynn. 8/Simon Watson, Architectural Digest. 9/Simon Watson, Architectural Digest.

{I N S P I R E D} Abstract: The Art of Design by Eileen Boyd

Earlier this month an inspiring new series came out on Netflix that captured the creative worlds of eight visionaries. Covering everything from sneakers and cars to typography and architecture, the series is simply addictive, and I admittedly binge-watched all eight episodes in one day—trust me it's easy to do! 

There's something so fascinating about peeking inside the world of a fellow creative and getting an intimate glimpse into the way they process and harness their artistic landscape. I hope there's a season two in the works! Here are a few highlights... 

Renowned portrait photographer and photo journalist  Platon . Actress Rooney Mara shown above.

Renowned portrait photographer and photo journalist Platon. Actress Rooney Mara shown above.

                          Image via Platon

                          Image via Platon

A Somerset residence designed by  Ilse Crawford , former editor in chief of ELLE Decoration UK

A Somerset residence designed by Ilse Crawford, former editor in chief of ELLE Decoration UK

Known for his thought-provoking  New Yorker  covers, here is illustrator  Christoph Niemann  

Known for his thought-provoking New Yorker covers, here is illustrator Christoph Niemann 

                                                        Composition by  Christoph Niemann

                                                        Composition by Christoph Niemann

{F A S H I O N} The Geometry of Design by Eileen Boyd

All Images via Shihara

A few weeks ago, I posted about wandering into Tomorrowland NYC while shopping for a client in SoHo. Ever since then, I can't get the Shihara jewelry I saw there off my mind! Their geometric shapes immediately grab your attention. For this Japanese atelier, form doesn't just follow function. Rather, the function is designed as part of the form. They're one and the same. Their 3D earrings, for example, integrate the post into the overall aesthetic of the earring instead of being an afterthought. It's such a pure and simple philosophy, yet not everyone gets it quite like they do. Here are some of my favorite pieces of theirs; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

{D E S I G N} Glass Architecture by Eileen Boyd

I stumbled upon the unbelievable work of Milano-based design firm Santambrogio | Milano when researching glass formations for a project. To say I was awe-struck by these incredible structures is an understatement to say the least—I was mesmerized and perplexed all in the same breath.

With glass as their muse, Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio create these stunning homes that are highly cognizant of their environments and leave little to the imagination. From kitchen appliances, stairwells, and interior walls, every element is composed almost entirely from varying grades of glass. There's a tremendous amount of science and consideration that goes into each element of construction.  

So throw on Billy Joel's Glass Houses album and journey through these transparent homes...

{F A S H I O N} Chloé Spring-Summer 2017 Collection by Eileen Boyd

I realize it's February, but Chloé's Spring-Summer 2017 Collection has me daydreaming of springtime in Paris. The Grand Palais—one of my favorite landmarks in the city—lends such a gorgeous backdrop for these free-flowing garments and pretty florals to strut down the catwalk. And I just love the way Clare Waight Keller abandoned tradition with her sinuous setup of the runway and the audience. Enjoy the show!

{V I B E S} Living With Man's Best Friend by Eileen Boyd

                       Einstein and Me

                       Einstein and Me

Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.
— John Grogan

Einstein (or as I like to call him, Mr. E.) is a very handsome blockhead English black lab—a true gentleman’s dog. We adopted him in 2011 when he was 2 years old as a released guide dog from the GD Foundation. This means he was trained as a working dog, so he expects to come with you wherever you go. He is a gentle companion who will wait for you until you are done, anywhere you take him. He loves to go for a walk and sniff everything in his path. 

Einstein weighs in at 85 pounds and wants to cuddle with you on the sofa and run around the main floor of my house in and out of each room with his favorite toy. He has his preferred spots to nap in but loves to lay on the rug in front of the fireplace. 

As a designer, I have made my house dog friendly with polypropylene rugs, darker colored sofas, rooms that are not too precious. Dogs want to be wherever you are, and that is especially true of black labs. I put in a doggy door so he can come in and out as he wishes. Our house would not be complete without him.

One of my favorite times of the day is in the early morning when I come down to make coffee and he greets me by rolling on his back for his morning belly rub and gives me his goofy upside-down smile. So good!

Since the unconditional love and companionship of a dog can’t be beat, I've rounded up some beautifully inspired spaces filled with the essence of puppy love. See? It is possible to be chic and accommodate our furry friends. Enjoy!

1/Photo by Simon Upton via Architectural Digest. 2/Photo by Ryan Tansey via Design Sponge. 3/Photo courtesy of Zak + Fox via Town and Country Magazine. 4/Photo by Patrick Cline for EKB Interiors. 5/Photo via Art et Decor. 6/Photo by Kim Lucian via Apartment Therapy. 7/Photo courtesy Brian Patrick Flynn via DIY Network. 8/Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo via Architectural Digest. 9/Photo by Scott Frances via Architectural Digest.

{F A S H I O N} Haute Couture Week 2017 in Paris by Eileen Boyd

                                                                      Image via  CHANEL  

                                                                      Image via CHANEL 

It's hard to believe that Paris could get any more beautiful than it already is, but during Haute Couture Fashion Week the city appears to get an extra dose of effervescence. I look forward to this show every year—the dreamy collections are packed with more inspiration than I know what to do with. I find myself tacking up dozens of looks onto my inspiration board and filling piles of manila folders. 

So, why are the haute couture shows so invigorating? I want to experience fashion that excites me and makes my heart race—like hearing a powerful song for the first time or a new taste you can't get enough of. And, that's exactly what these runway shows do. Each of the following collections are emotional. They're about perception and visual fantasies. I hope you'll get as lost in them and as endlessly inspired as I do.

                                                           VALENTINO: Subtle Impact

This collection really spoke to the power of simplistic forms expressed through a very curated range of colors. It begs the question, what do you want to say without saying anything at all? Highlights for me were the subtle pleating details and long statuesque silhouettes—the entire collection felt very architectural. Bravo Pierpaolo Piccioli! Hard to believe it's his first time showing at Couture Week! 

                                                             ELIE SAAB: More is More

From jaw-dropping jewels and billowy feather accents to strategically embellished patterns displayed on sumptuous fabrics, Elie Saab's couture collection is beyond stunning. What a story teller! There is truly so much to love about each perfectly put together ensemble, and what struck me most was Mr. Saab's effortless use of accessories—everything from belts, headbands, sunglasses, and to-die-for statement earrings. Man after my own heart!

                                                SCHIAPARELLI: Wearable Architecture

When I first laid eyes on this collection, I immediately felt that each look acted as architecture for the body. As the models moved down the runway, structures and formations came to life and morphed with each step taken. The color pairings are are pure magic and I'm just loving all the geometric shapes!

                                                                DIOR: Fantasy at Play

Haute couture is theatre. It's about making a statement. The creator imagines a women in the piece, pondering where she will go, who she will see and how she feels in it. Here, Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri took us on a journey through a whimsical garden set at the Musee Rodin where her imagination revealed free-flowing, ultra-feminine masterpieces straight out of a modern-day fairytale.

                                                           CHANEL: Classic & Current

Last, but certainly not least—Chanel. True to form, Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint. From meticulous embroidery and unexpected sequin moments to archetypal tweeds and chunky wools, the collection is flawless. Like a beautifully composed song, this couture line really moved me and reiterated for me the importance of making an impact and leaving a lasting impression.

{I N S P I R E D} Nocturnal Animals: Fashion Meets Film Meets Interior Design by Eileen Boyd

Photography by Merrick Morton/Focus Features

With Paris Design Week just recently in our rear view, I'm thinking back fondly on my time studying in Paris alongside my studio-mate Tom Ford. I'm so happy for him and his film Nocturnal Animals. (If you haven't seen it yet, you really must!) 

The film itself is truly a work of art, from the writing and storytelling to the directing to the cinematography and especially the acting. But it's important to note a main character aside from the ones played by Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon. And that is the interior design. Shane Valentino reworked the interiors of a Scott Mitchell-designed house to include art, furnishings and materials that are as fashion-minded as Tom himself but austere enough to underscore the emotional, hauntingly beautiful storyline.     

{H O R I Z O N} I Have This Thing For Side Tables by Eileen Boyd

Fendi's collaboration with Italian designer Cristina Celestino for THE HAPPY ROOM, which debuted at this past Design Miami/ still has me smiling. It also has me saying... "Wow! Those tables!" I honestly can't wait to spec these babies for one of my clients. (Notice how they are shaped to mimic a stud earring...brilliant!) I've always felt that accent tables were a great opportunity to be playful and witty in a space—adding that perfect touch of whimsy. Here's a peek at a few other side tables I'm crushing on these days, including the tops of these stunners...

{F A S H I O N} Inspiration Is Everywhere by Eileen Boyd

Above images via Tomorrowland New York

A few weeks ago, Beth and I went into the city to meet with a client. We were walking down Broome Street in Soho and just as we were about to pass by Tomorrowland, a beautiful art display caught my attention and we just had to go inside to see it. It turns out the uber-cool Japanese boutique had taken its collection of scarves and artfully suspended them in frames as an art installation. I'm constantly inspired by fashion and the intersection of design in all forms, and seeing these silky, wearable works of art were no exception. Not to mention the great design books, sartorial eye candy and chic jewelry all housed in a really fun space. My creative wheels have been turning ever since!

{R O A M} Chic Eats by Eileen Boyd


I don't know about you, but I'm all about the ambiance when it comes to choosing a restaurant—especially when I'm traveling. I make it a priority to visit high-design eateries wherever I am and I've come across some real beauties. From The Musket Room in Manhattan to The Jane in Antwerp, Belgium (shown above), these chic restaurants satisfy both palate and palette. Check out a few of my favorites and consider their inspiring decor the amuse-bouche to their delectable fare...

And, like the rest of the world, I'm so mesmerized by the artistic geniuses that comprise Netflix food phenomenon docu-series: Chef's Table. These masters truly see food as art and the plate is their canvas—this is certainly an ideal that resonates with me and my approach to interiors. Here's a peek at Season 2...

{H O R I Z O N} Kinetic Energy: Mobiles + Pendants by Eileen Boyd

                                                                           Image via  Hotchkiss Mobiles      

                                                                           Image via Hotchkiss Mobiles     

I have always been attracted to kinetic sculptures—to their movement, their energy, their artistic nature. I fell in love with the art of Joel Hotchkiss after buying one of his mobiles from the Guggenheim Store in NYC. After researching more of his work, calling him and getting to know him on the phone, he made several custom pieces for me. I then had him make eight pink sculptures for a Pink Aid fundraiser two years ago, and they were a huge hit. Today, I still love his work just as much, if not more, and I’m happy to say I can now call him a friend.

Here are a few swoon-worthy light fixtures whose grace and sculptural quality remind me of mobiles.

1. I love everything Bec Brittain does, but her Themis 68 sconce in brushed brass with white marble and ivory glass is extra special, and the arch gives it that mobile-like movement. Image via

2. Talk about kinetic energy. Naama Hofman's Tube Pendant Collection has so much flexibility, with brass arms and LED-lit acrylic tubes that can be reconfigured into different arrangements. Image by Uri Grun via

3. The OTTO Double fixture from David Weeks Studio might be a bit more linear than the traditional mobile, but the delicateness and arc in its form still conjure the same visions. Image via 

4. Örsjö gives the best description of its Decostick pendant: "a modern chandelier flirting with the 1930s." JV Arkitekter designed the fixture as part of a renovation of the Hotel Riviera Strand in Båstad, Sweden. It allows for different strengths of luminosity to emit from the spheres verses the spotlight, so there's movement even in the light itself. Image via 

5. Jean-Pascal Gauthier. An instant favorite when I discovered his sculptural, mobile-like lights. They're minimalist and avant-garde at the same time, and the inspiration he draws from Calder is clear. Image via

6. Workstead certainly knows how to create a light fixture as an art piece. Its Bent Wall Lamp is the perfect example. The composition of steel, cast iron and brass keep it industrial and debonair. Image via

7. No mobile-esque post would be complete without including Apparatus. These Trapeze lights are inspired by the dynamics of a circus act, and their seriously fun demeanor comes across especially in Trapeze 1 & 2. Image via

8. And finally, the Hely light by Katriina Nuutinen for Klong, made of colored glass, stainless steel, plastic and LEDs. It looks like a piece of jewelry more than anything else, but the shapely form brings me back to the geometry of a mobile structure suspended in midair. Image via

{I N S P I R E D} The Magic Of Fonts by Eileen Boyd

I always say that design is a choice. Even when you nonchalantly select a font to use, every letter tells a story about your choices, whether straight or script, chunky or thin, serif or sans serif. Fonts are always catching my eye, so I'm naturally drawn to artists who have captured the art of calligraphy and hand lettering so effortlessly—like Seb Lester, an artist and designer living in England. All videos of him showcasing his talents are worth watching, but here's one of him drawing water calligraphy using water and colored ink. It's mesmerizing! 

And here are a few brands that I love who know just how important it is to choose fonts that speak to their company philosophies. Take the serif font Hermès uses for example—it's classic, timeless, and instantly recognizable, just like the brand itself.

1/ Sakara | 2/ Hannah Hart for Telavera Tequila | 3/ Herbivore | 4/ Pinky Up | 5/ Five | 6/ Hermès | 7/ Lollia by Margot Elena | 8/ Musq | 9/ Milk Makeup | 10/ Anthropologie | 11/ Leif | 12/ Mistral 

{I N S P I R E} Come On Baby Light My Fire by Eileen Boyd

the english room_berdini-damson-rug-by-designers-guild-image-by-designers-guild.jpg

I'm very affected by seasons, and one of my favorite things about winter in New York is coming in from the cold and cozying up to a roaring fireplace with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. From the always colorful and luxurious Designers Guild to the masterful masonry of Lew French and a modern chalet by Pearson Design Group, just looking at these beauties helps to cure some of this frost bite!